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Here is a photo of our first service vehicle.

Our first service vehicle.

Having spent ten years as an industrial maintenance electrician, including several years in the Arctic working on the building of a short-range radar system spanning the Arctic Circle of Canada, I decided to return to Ontario and start my own electrical company. This was a big step, and many decisions had to be made, one of which was simply naming the company and defining its services.


The question of naming the company was discussed one evening at the dinner table. After exploring many names and ideas, my parents tabled some interesting points. My mother reflected upon my perfectionist tendencies, and my father made reference to the degree in which I take pride in my work. My father was born and raised in Switzerland, a country famous for its clockwork precision, friendliness and cleanliness. We all agreed that “SWISS ELECTRIC” would be a fitting name for the new venture, and thus Swiss Electric was born. The first step had been taken, and the company was underway. Now navigating the company towards success was the task at hand!

Today Swiss Electric has a smart looking fleet of service vehicles ready to deliver the goods.

Today, we have a smart looking fleet ready to deliver the goods.

In the beginning (1991), I did not have a single customer. Nevertheless, I rose early each morning and began introducing my company to potential clients, going door to door in industrial areas, proudly handing out my new business cards. In the first month I totaled only eight hours of work. Today Swiss Electric is proud of the many very special customers who keep us very busy each day. We look forward to serving you, and welcome you as one of our many valued customers.



Don Wepf

Founder and President
Swiss Electric Ltd.

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